JM Decorating Services

(Painting & Decorating services in

  Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire 

& all surrounding areas)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Free Quotations?

Ye, we provide free quotations for any projects you would like carrying out, with the exception of quotations required for Insurance purposes when there is a £25.00 charge for visiting and preparing the quotation for you. This charge is refunded if we are then asked to complete the work.

Do you carry out Insurance Work?

We will carry out Insurance Work when any quotation we provide is accepted by the Insurance Company. Please note that your Insurance Company will be required to pay us directly, once the work has been completed and our invoice will be submitted direct to them.

Do you submit Quotations or Estimates?

Wherever possible we submit Quotations for the work you want us to do. This means that the price we "quote" you, is the price you pay - unless you change something along the way (e.g. materials or say add work) in which case we will discuss and agree a revised price at the time.

Estimates may be given on rare occasions if you're unsure how much work you require doing - for example on a new build project.

Do you carry out Plastering and Tiling?

Plastering & Tiling - just like Painting & Decorating - is a specialist job. We can undertake patchwork on plaster but we do not plaster walls from new or replaster entire walls. We do not usually lay tiles.

Can you remove woodchip wallpaper?

Yes, we certainly can. As many people have discovered, it's difficult to remove  - so please expect it to take a little longer than removing normal wallpaper.

Do you strip/paint windows and doors?

We can paint any window or door for you from a simple refresh of undercoat and then painting through to full stripping services.

Do you paper ceilings?

Yes we can paper ceilings.

Do you strip and varnish floorboards?

We do not strip floorboards as this should be carried out by a specialist stripping company. We are happy to varnish after stripping or to re-varnish for you.

Do you paint Render?

Yes, we will paint Render in any colour you choose for your property. Please consider any planning matters which may affect colours you choose if you live in Listed properties, or Conservation Areas.

Do you use Ladders / Cherry Pickers / Scaffholding to paint Exteriors

We will normally use our Ladders where possible but certain properties with Render or windows to be painted which are outside the safe working height for ladders may require a cherry picker to be used or scaffolding to be put in place. If we believe this to be the case we will always discuss this with you at the time of visiting you to provide your quotation for your project. We can arrange implementation of scaffholding or a cherry picker for you and the cost of this would be included in your quotation, should their use be necessary.

Do you work Saturdays and Sundays?

We understand that sometimes it isn't possible to paint or decorate an area when there are lots of people around - e.g. in an office environment. We try not to work at weekends on a regular basis, but where this is a necessity we will always fit in with your schedule.

Do you provide the materials or can we use our own?

Either way is fine by us!  We do prefer to provide paints ourselves so that we know they perform to our high standards - it's why we use top quality trade paints like Valspar or Farrow & Ball - but we're also happy to use materials you provide as long as they will meet the standards you need for your project.

Do you always line the walls before you wallpaper them?

This is entirely dependent on the condition of the walls you want papered and the type of wallpaper you want hung. Older houses, or houses that have uneven walls/pitted plaster do generally need lining paper to ensure that a good finish is achieved.

Do you move furniture/personal effects/equipment in the areas you are working in?

No, we won't move residential or office furniture and/or personal effects and/or equipment and we ask that this is removed from areas where necessary. We cover large objects and floors with dust sheets. 

Please note that where it becomes necessary for us to move items to enable to complete the work you have asked us for - either for our own safety or for the protection of your property - we accept no liability for any loss or damage which may occur when doing this.

Please also be aware that where furniture/personal effects/office equipment has not been moved to allow us carry out/complete the work we have been asked to do, we will charge a 10% uplift fee on the quoted price where we have to move it. This is because of the additional time required to move these types of items.

When do we pay you?

Once we have completed your work and submitted our invoice you need to pay us within 7 days.

How do we pay you?

Payment can be made using cash; bank transfer (our bank details will be on our invoice to you) or by card payment.

Please note we no longer accept cheques under any circumstances.

Are you Insured?

All our work is fully Insured and we also carry Public Liability Insurance.